Which Tool?

Businesses are generally too busy to complete a full award style assessment and uncertain of the cost-benefits of this approach. The questionnaire approach while taking the shortest time offers unpredictable results and offers little if any insight to impart learning about business excellence necessary to ensure that benefits result.

Through businessexcellencetools.com we are able to offer two self assessment tools, Assessor and BPES. These self assessment tools compliment each other. The following table summarises the attributes of these tools.

Attribute Assessor BPES
Workshop & Questionnaire
Method Card based Paper based (electronic copies issued only)
Scope Organisational wide but very effective for focused assessments or brainstorming sessions on individual criteria.
Organisational wide and multi-site assessments
Self-assessment? An instruction booklet is provided with each Assessor card deck. No prior experience of business excellence is required. A self-assessment pack is provided with full instructions. No prior experience of business excellence is required.
Facilitation available? Facilitation by businessexcellencetools.com is available and can be particularly useful for intorducing the programme including providing training for internal quality management staff. Facilitation by businessexcellencetools.com is available and can be particularly useful for introducing the programme and facilitating the consensus meeting.
Process steps
  1. Assessment of Strengths and Areas for Improvement completed individually by team members
  2. Estimate of Approach Item scores (where required)
  3. Questions and Team Consensus on prioritisation of Opportunities for Improvement
  4. Action Planning (optional)
  1. Questionnaire issued to self-assessment team
  2. Questions and Strengths and Areas for Improvement tables completed individually by team members
  3. Consensus meeting to agree on a common response to each question.
  4. Scorecard submitted to BEtools.com
  5. Business Excellence Score Report issued to organisation
  6. Action Planning (optional)
People involved Senior Management Team or Project Teams Senior Management Team and cross-section of staff from all levels
No. of people involved 1 to 8 people 1 to 20 (could be the whole organisation if desired)
Standard time to apply (the time can be less or more for both approaches if required) One day assessment workshop.One day action planning workshop Questionnaire takes up to 3 hours to complete per person + one day consensus meeting + one day action planning + 5 days for one person to administer the whole process.
Models supported MBNQA MBNQA, EFQM
Language options currently available English English, Chinese, Arabic
Benchmark performance data No Yes
Output Strengths & Areas for Improvement summarised on mind maps and prioritised Opportunities for Improvement Strengths & Areas for Improvement identified  and Business Excellence Score report (and benchmark comparison)
Scoring methods Yes Yes
Action planning support Yes Yes
When to choose which tool? If you can only obtain one day of senior management commitmentTo create awareness within your  senior management team of business excellence

If you wish to run an improvement project focussed on only one criteria of business excellence

If you can gain the commitment of your senior management team to a more comprehensive business excellence programme.If you are sure that those who complete the assessment will take the process seriously and put their time into it.

If your organisation is ready for a culture changing organisational-wide programme.

To order Assessor click here or BPES click here.

As we are constantly developing new features for our tools, contact us today if you have a particular requirement that is not currently listed or you are still unsure of which tool to use.

For further information comparing self-assessment methods click here.