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Who We Help

Our clients are from all business sectors and of all sizes. The smallest organisations that we have worked with have had only five employees and the largest have been major multi-national companies which have used our self-assessment tools across a number of their sites.

Assessor has been used and developed over the past eight years, although has only recently been made available outside PYXIS Consulting to help those organisations that are not ready for a BPES assessment.

BPES and earlier derivatives of it have been used for over 10 years by over 400 organisations from countries around the world but primarily from the UK, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

Assessor and BPES are based on the most commonly used business excellence models (Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and the EFQM Excellence Model) which are actively used in over 70 countries worldwide. Therefore you can be assured that if you use our assessment tools that the principles on which they are based are internationally recognised and accepted.

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