Assessment Tools

Whether it is for further success or simple survival, any organisation needs to constantly improve its performance.

But how? For many organisations, any method that achieves such constant improvement needs to be not only effective but also practical, easy to use, and affordable.

Our assessment tools will enable you to rapidly

  • Establish the health of your organisation
  • Benchmark your performance against organisations from around the world
  • Help you to determine the actions required that will have most impact on improving your business performance and financial results
  • Change your organisation’s work culture to a business excellence focussed culture.
  • The assessment tools can either be facilitated by consultants or self-facilitated without the need for outside support or verification.

Our assessment tools, Assessor and BPES, are aligned to the criteria of proven models that are known to deliver superior business results. These models are called Business Excellence Models and are based on the principles of Business Excellence.