About Us

Business excellence provides a proven framework for assessing the success and sustainability of any organisation. This proven framework considers all processes (such as supplier, internal and customer interfacing processes) and drivers of the organisation (including leadership, human resources, strategy, information and knowledge management) and provides insight into how these processes and drivers link to overall results. The framework is applicable to all types of organisations since the values of the organisation, the business environment it operates in, and the challenges it faces are considered.

The most commonly held belief is that business excellence is associated with award programmes. While the framework was originally developed to support award programmes by far the majority of organisations that use business excellence today do so for self assessment reasons. Self assessments enable you to identify the improvement opportunities that will drive future organisational growth and success.

Many organisations do not conduct self assessments because they believe that it is too complex to perform often requiring specialist experts and takes too long to complete.
At businessexcellencetools.com we aim to make business excellence easier to understand and more accessible to your organisation. You do not have to be an expert in business excellence to be able to use our tools and reap the same benefits that other organisations have obtained through their use.

Our mission is to provide you with practical tools that will make a difference for your organisation.

Founder Information

  • Dr. Robin Mann
  • Mr. Michael E. Voss